Above is a video of gameplay by "Goat King" on YouTube.

TF2 Classic

TF2 Classic is a community led edition of the granddaddy of all class based shooters, Team Fortress 2.

Created using Source SDK Base MP 2013 and building on early 2007 TF2 source code the mod aims to create a new yet classic experience taking the community favorites from TF2 and placing it within a new yet inspired fan recreation.

TF2 Classic is availible to download for free at tf2classic.com through direct download or the custom patching software.

Each release brings alot of traffic and typically reaches over 3TB of files sent within the first 2 days of an updates release.

Estranged: Act 1

Estranged tells the story of a lone fisherman, whose ship is stranded on a mysterious island during a violent storm. Explore the rich environments and meet the curious inhabitants of the island as you find a way back to the mainland.

The project started by Alan Edwardes grew in size requiring more team members. I was the third person to join active development where we colaborated and improved on Alan's Alpha 5 build of the game.

Utilising the source engine, Estranged provides a vivid and realistic world for players to explore.

Shipped using Steam and being greenlit thanks to Steam's greenlight, Estranged has been played and experienced by many. Estranged has also been featured on several large YouTubers including Jim Sterling and Cryaotic.

You can download Estranged: Act 1 from the Steam Store.


Lightspeed is a planetary sidscroller made for a HTML5 canvas game assignment in University. The task required you to make a game using the canvas' 2D context with no libraries and MUST feature gravity.

For lightspeed i created a game engine utilizing all my prior knowledge about HTML5, Canvas, JavaScript and Game Development.

Thirteen's Weapon Glow

This tool adds dynamic lights to select weapons within Garry's Mod.

When availible the addon takes the weapon colour (from the user preferences) to allow users to have custom glow colours for supported weapons.

The addon has over 71,000 active subscribers on the Garry's Mod workshop as of writing this.

Picture of weapon glow addon

Tutorial of how to use the Advanced Bone Tool by Dr.Face

Advanced Bone Tool

Created to replace a broken alternative the Advanced Bone Tool was created for Dr.Face and other stop motion animators within Garry's Mod.

The tool (created in 3 days) is now subscribed to by over 286,000 users on the Garry's Mod workshop and has been used to create many videos by many well known Garry's Mod Animators.

Garry's Mod - World Portals (WIP)

For this project I set out to create Portals similar to those found in Valve's Portal games.

The portals were designed to allow for impossible levels to be created and allowed users to quickly navigate around a level.

The project was largely completed over a weekend and only some minor tweaks and changes are needed to be made before release.

Garry's Mod - Parkour (WIP)

Heavily inspired by the parkour mechanics in Mirrors Edge, I set out to make a multiplayer Garry's Mod gamemode.

The gamemode has several modes including capture the point, king of the flag and speedrun.

The project has been slow moving but has been in development for a while due to time contraints with both university and other projects.

Slide, Climb and wall running mechanics are currently implemented and levels are currently in development.

Love Admin Mod

Love Admin Mod (LAM) is a homebrew administration tool for Garry's Mod servers.

LAM consists of rank management, plugins and commands that allow users authenicated via Steam to administer their server (rank permitting).

LAM features include:

  • Ban and Kicking from the game.
  • Teleporting between players.
  • Slaying and Rocketing players.

The project took a little over a year and is soon to be replaced by its next major version LAM2, which features an overhauled Rank, Plugin and Command system to fix where LAM (version 1) fell down.

LAM version 1's source has yet to be released but LAM2 is planned to be released publicly in the near future.

Above is a visualisation of the development using gource showing commits from me and friends.

Edi (Cancelled)

Edi was a project that allowed a user to use voice recognition to manually press keys on a keyboard.

It was planned that the software would be a free, open source alternative to VoiceAttack.

Sadly due to life commitments the project hadn't got too far in development and the team disbanded before any major progress was made.